Transparency And Safety


Our Transparency Commitments
We are setting out to build the world's most transparent banking experience. Increasing transparency permeates everything we do at Harbour: our brand, identity, our values, our mission and our product roadmap.  Harbour v.1 provides the following commitments to transparency:
Safeguarding your money 
Your fiat funds are safeguarded by our banking-as-a-service partner. They are one of the only EMI’s in the UK with direct access to safeguard funds directly at the Bank of England. Unlike a traditional bank, your money is 100% reserved and will be never used to make loans or other investments without your instruction. 
Your crypto always belongs to you
All crypto held in your Harbour wallet is held in our innovative trust account structure. This means that even in the event of Harbour’s insolvency, your assets are kept safe and separate from the Harbour estate and always remain your legal property. With Harbour, you can also connect an existing self custody wallet if you prefer. 
No stealth fees 
Banking is rife with invisible fees and charges and unfortunately, crypto can be too. Our commitment to transparency means we will never charge you hidden fees or commissions. All Harbour fees are clearly visible in the app and clearly stated in your transaction feed. 
Much more to come
Our crypto-native checking account is the first stage of our journey. Seamlessly connecting the on-chain and off-chain financial worlds is the first big step towards a fully transparent banking experience. Over the coming months, we will establish a public window into Harbour- allowing users to independently verify their crypto and fiat asset balances and transactions. This overarching mission won’t be completed overnight – but we will not rest until our vision of a truly transparent banking experience becomes reality.

Keeping you safe

Secure Infrastructure
The Harbour App is designed and built by industry experts who have previously built major neobank’s and crypto exchanges. Your security has been our top priority throughout.
Multi-Party Computation
We implement Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for all Harbour crypto wallets. This means that the keys that allow access to your crypto tokens are split into multiple key shares that are never co-located. So are much less susceptible to hacks than some other custodial solutions. 
Battle tested crypto security
Your funds are kept secure from cyber attacks and human error with a multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography and hardware isolation.
Safety features
We have developed a number of features and user experience innovations to help you to manage your assets more safely, including simpler network management, the ability to authorise new beneficiaries and address validations.