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A Better Future

Our Investors

Our vision is to be the best place for the smartest minds to build the most impactful products in crypto.
Polygon Ventures backs trailblazing teams on mission of bringing the open internet to the masses.
We believe that blockchain innovations are just scratching the surface, and Cogitent is at the forefront of it.
Award-Winning Investors backing Entrepreneurs from Pre-Seed to Exit.
The Ecosystem. Where human passion collides with the capital.

What We
Are Building

To build the world’s most transparent banking experience.
Harbour will apply public blockchain infrastructure to create absolute transparency and asset verifiability – and break the cycle of distrust in traditional banking.
Our crypto-native checking account is the first stage of our journey. Seamlessly connecting the on-chain and off-chain financial worlds is the first big step towards a fully transparent banking experience. 
Over the coming months, we will establish a public window into Harbour with on-chain proof of solvency for crypto assets and then – in a world-first move – add on-chain proof of solvency for fiat assets too. Allowing users to independently verify their crypto and fiat asset balances and transactions. 
Our overarching mission won’t be completed overnight – but we will not rest until our vision of a truly transparent banking experience becomes reality.