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Regarding the Future of Finance

"The banking system is built entirely on trust. But for an industry which is manufacturing and selling trust, the major banks don't have a great product.  The current crisis of confidence in banking affecting US and European banks is just the latest example. The time for change is overdue. To move away from a system which relies on blind trust, to one where your balances and transactions are verifiably tracked in a transparent system. And thanks to blockchain technology, we finally have the tool"
James Brownlee
“I am convinced that we are currently experiencing a monetary transformation. Analogous to the media revolution that transitioned from television and print to immediate social and various digital channels, I anticipate a comparable shift where financial authority will no longer be exclusively held by banks, but instead will be partly decentralised and placed more into the hands of the masses..”
Shane Ogley
“I have never been satisfied by the crypto features of Neobanks, nor by the banking features of Crypto companies. People deserve a product that offers the best of both worlds and seamless integration between them.”
Martin Bechtle
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